Born in August 28, 1994

  Living in Beijing China


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  E-mail : nelkshuhe@gmail.com

  《Eternal Aequorin》(2017)
  Weibo : 述禾(click to enter)
2017 Phantasma,Beijing TRU-M station of art,Beijing,China
2018 Spectral Imagination,Beijing Yan sui CORIANDOLO Art Space,Beijing,China

2017 Illuminant,Jiangxi Institute Of Fashion Technology,China

2017 art book in China,Shaihai Minsheng Art Museum,Shanghai,China

  * Bio
  述禾以生活琐碎、细微之处作为出发点进行摄影记录与创作。他认为大部分美好的情感和人都是脆弱且易逝的,就像光一样。“永恒的存在”只是一种美好的期许,他希望相片可以把这种期许放大。在述禾作品中比较常见的元素当中,无论是人、植物,还是光本身,都是在表达他对于光的理解,同时也承载着他的珍贵感情和记忆。他希望自己的作品可以引起观者内心某处的一些共鸣,散发出与周遭环境不一样的力量。——《China Daily》

  述禾(b.1994),自由摄影师,工作居住于北京。已独立出版个人影集《Eternal Aequorin》、《Remoteness》,该书参加了上海abC艺术书展。长期进行的光影动态记录项《Phantasma》部分片段展于部分片段展于北京TRU-M艺术中心。个人网站:www.nelkshuhe.com。

  Shu He views hassles and subtleties of life as starting points to carry on his photographic recording and creation. He believes that the most beautiful emotions of human beings and they themselves are fragile and perishable just like light. The "eternal existence" is just a sort of beautiful expectation. He hopes to magnify the expectations via photos. Among Shu He’s works, the commonly seen elements including people, plants, or the light itself, are designed to express his understanding of light, which also bears the weight of the precious feelings and memories of him. He wants his works to cause some resonance of the audience from their deep heart somewhere, so as to display the unique strength different from the surrounding environment.——《China Daily》

  Shu He (b. 1994), who is works and dwells in Beijing. He had independently published his personal photo album of《Eternal Aequorin》、《Remoteness》. The book took part in the abC art fair in Shanghai. The parts pieces of his long-term progressively dynamic recording item of light shadow of 《Phantasma》were exhibited in TRU-M art center in Beijing. Personal website: www.nelkshuhe.com.